Frequently Asked Questions:

A: If you are planning on brewing your coffee in the next 30 days, simply keep it in the bag it came in. Reseal the bag after every use and then store it in a dark, cool place under your counter or in a cabinet. If you are planning to store it for a longer time, we recommend you keep it in a glass, airtight storage jar you can purchase in any kitchen or coffee specialty store. Once you’ve sealed the jar, place it in a dark, cool place.
A. We use a universal grind that makes for easier use and uniform taste, especially with drip brewing.
A: No, we use the same Panama Boquete Gesha Bean as in our other lines. It is recognized by leading coffee associations as one of the finest in the world. We know that it takes the best ingredients to make the best coffee, so we only use the finest beans and roasting methods will all our coffees.